Linda Edward

Originally from Bristol, I have lived on the Wirral for thirty years & work from my home studio. I paint mainly in oils on canvas and find most of my inspiration for seascapes & landscapes from local views, from the estuary coastline to the woodlands and fields.  The boundless beauty of nature & creation that we see around us is a constant source of inspiration and I take many photographs to use as reference for my paintings. I also enjoy painting animals and portraits. Trying to capture expression in the eyes and the character of my subject is a challenge and a delight! In all my work colour & light are key elements. My style has evolved with practice and experimentation and combines elements of realism and impressionism.

I have exhibited and sold work locally and nationally. I am a member of the Association of Animal Artists and exhibited at The Station, Richmond, Castle Park Arts Centre, Frodsham and the Fine Art Trade Guild exhibition in the Guild Gallery, London. I enjoy taking part in the Wirral Open Studio Tour each year. My work has also featured in Artists & Illustrators magazine. I am happy to consider any commissions.

B & W

Bob Goldsborough

Bob has been a professional artist for most of his working life after studying fine art at Manchester Polytechnic in the early seventies.

As an artist, Bob has worked in most media and covered many different disciplines. These have ranged from contemporary and experimental through to more conventional and the academic, with various things in between.

Regularly commissioned, his work has been represented widely in various exhibitions and galleries, as well as in the corporate and the private sectors.


Roger Ellison

I’m based in West Kirby on the Wirral peninsula.

I’m lucky to live in a very beautiful part of the world with endless opportunities to take photographs of sunsets.

I’ve been taking photographs for many years and been a pilot/flying instructor for a lot longer. Combining the two was an obvious step to take and I now fly a drone to take stunning aerial video and photography, giving an alternative view of many familiar scenes.


Leanne Hughes

I have a yearning to be constantly surrounded by nature, I grew up in a small town spending every summer outdoors from dawn til dusk. When indoors I was always drawing and making things, and this need to be creative from when I was old enough to hold a pencil has never left me. 

My favourite place to be in the world is out walking in the woods, just before sunset there is a fiery orange glow shining through the trees, and it is then that I feel most inspired to paint. 

Spending time in nature is good for the soul, and when we are surrounded by four walls for much of our time I think it is important to bring the outside in, with plants and flowers and of course, nature-inspired art.

Mixed Media

Tom Allport

Studied art at Wirral Art School and is an instinctive artist who mainly works with mixed media to create a variety of artworks.


Pauline Murphy

Originally from Liverpool, I left st. Matthews secondary modern at 15. I applied and was given a position as junior window dresser working in one of the large department stores in Liverpool with a team of 16 other window dressers. 

I took several years off to bring up my four children and during this period I took up pottery as a hobby, something I very much enjoyed. Upon returning to work I became a driving instructor (for my sins). 

In am now retired and live in Wallasey. For the past 12 yearsI have the great fortune to live along the Promenade from where I have taken the majority of my inspiration.

I work in most mediums but my preference is pastel. 

Digital Illustrations

Chris Cady

Eats chips…..draws…..takes the occasional photograph.


David Eisen

I am an amateur artist from Liverpool and have been painting for many years. I started with water colours but switched to acrylics which suited me much better.  

I enjoy entering local exhibitions around Merseyside and I enjoy classical music and play classical guitar. 

Strong Acrylics

Albina Kumirova

Born in Russia, artist and poet, Albina now lives in the Wirral.

She studied Fine Art at LJMU. She currently runs her own poetry show on Local Flame Radio (available online at 1:30pm on Wednesdays).

Albina used to be among the first street artists in Moscow during her studies of French there, painting portraits.

She has had more than twenty solo exhibitions in the UK and participated in numerous collective ones.

Her main interest in painting is the human body in movement, but she has a wide range of other interests: horses, flowers, portraits, still life, etc.

Acrylic Pour

Kathleen Marr

Originally from Leith, Edinburgh I moved to the Wirral as a child in the late sixties. My father decided there were better opportunities here and had friends who had previously moved to the Wirral - it came well recommended by them so we all moved as a family and as they say, my fate was sealed.

Having no formal qualifications regarding the Arts, I just love to express myself with paint on canvas using acrylic medium pours as my preferred method at the moment. The vivid, bright colours make them exciting to do - you never really know what you are going to achieve!

TAG Under 18s

Jennifer Kilgallon

I like to paint and play the guitar in my spare time. I like all kinds of sports such as swimming, gymnastics and ju-jitsu. I have been painting for about a year. My style is abstract, although I sometimes like to do more real life scenes.

Oil layering

Charlie Frais

I am an artist born in Liverpool in 1956. My work is influenced by 20th century modern artists, particularly Picasso and Chagal amongst many others. 

I enjoy taking subjects and reconstructing and presenting them in a different way, hopefully making the subject matter interesting but in a different manner.

I use mostly oil paints, layering the colours over each other, building up the layers allowing under layers to seep through, as well as allowing synthesis of the colours to occur. 

My preferred subject matters are people in groups and buildings.


Nigel Leslie

Nigel Leslie is an artist, born in Birkenhead (near Liverpool). who spent the mid-1990s studying and working in London, where he trained in law and worked successfully as a barrister. He returned to Liverpool, which he loves for its creativity, vibrancy, friendliness and diversity.  

His influences range from everything he has ‘seen, read or heard’ to more traditional sources like music and film (both of which he has an encyclopedic knowledge of!). Bowie was a major influence in his teens, mixing the arts rather than dividing them. He was doing artwork in various forms from an early age and is pleased to be a self-taught painter as he says this allowed him to keep his own ideas, whilst picking up techniques which he chose and wanted to use along the way.

His styles in his paintings and artwork are always distinctive, unique and; like Bowie; change and re-invent consistently, rather than sticking to the mainstream, safe art adage of keeping to a style which is ‘safe and works’.

He is an innovative, imaginative and instinctive artist. He describes his paintings as mostly coming down to collage using paint, with a common theme of images within images (with often many in one painting).

Nigel has had several successful exhibitions in Liverpool and has recently been selected as 1 of 100 important contemporary artists to decorate an old £5 note for a charity auction. Names already signed up include the Chapman Brothers, Gilbert and George, Gavin Turk, Damien Hirst, Mason Storm, Liverpool’s iconic Peter Blake and Cyrano Denn (aka Danny Crone). In her recent article, well-known writer/blogger Alison Little describes him as...

“A true Liverpool talent…immortalized for future generations…”

Mixed media

Julie Campbell

Artist Julie Campbell works from her studio on the Wirral.  

She studied at university and graduated with a BA(Hons) Fine Art.  

Her main art practice is painting and the artwork she creates is inspired mainly from nature and everyday life. Her works of art are often full of energy and strong mark making. She enjoys being playful with a range of media which is chosen as the painting resolves itself. She is on a continual journey to find new expressions of the methods to use within her work.  

Her love of the impressionist painters has challenged her to recreate the life around her in an expressive way. 

Some areas are obscured whilst other parts are revealed afresh. The use of quick, gestural mark making convey a sense of energy that explore the construction process. 

Julie spends time daily in her studio with her faithful lurcher for company. 

Her artwork can be found in local galleries and has also sold internationally. 

She has been an artist part of the Wirral Open Studio Tour for five years and belongs to local art groups.

Snippets of Life

Owain Fôn Williams

At the age of 16, to follow my dream to become a professional goalkeeper, I left home and signed my first professional contract with Crewe Alexandra. When I was 21 I left Crewe for first team football opportunities with Stockport County where I become the clubs number 1 and made 82 senior appearances. I also spent time on loan at Bury and Rochdale. I then went on to play for 4 seasons with Tranmere Rovers making 161 senior appearances. During my professional career I have been lucky enough to fulfil my dream and represent my country. I have been capped at all ages including Wales under 17,19, 21 and senior level. I achieved my ultimate goal on the 13th November 2015 when I made my first appearance at senior level against Holland. I have recently spent a season out in the USA playing for the USL team Indy Eleven, where I was awarded 'Player of the season'.

I have always had a passion for art, I used to draw and colour in my favourite goalkeeping gloves as a child, and then as I grew older I started more complexed pieces using different mediums. When I paint, it is an escape from the everyday demands of being a footballer. I am able to clear my mind and go in to my own world for a moment....often hours.

Having moved away from home at the age of 16, art has kept me in touch with the culture and history of home, Dyffryn Nantlle,Wales.

I gain inspiration from the generations of my family that worked in the hardship of the slate quarries, and their brotherhood bond that created a community. I am proud of my roots and of my Welsh identity and I hope my pride shows in my work.

Thank you for your support, on and off the pitch. 

Ichyd da!

Oils & Acrylics

Katarzyna Miturska

She came from small town in Poland now residing in the Wirral since 2007. Painting is her passion, one that she has revisited after years of moving away from her life calling due to family commitments and moving.

The themes in her paintings she explores are one of a personal nature, inner feelings and view of the world around her. Kat's paintings reflect a continued interest in capturing and expressing emotions.

Abstract / Corporate

Rafal Dobosz

Rafal Dobosz was born in Poland where he spent most of his life before moving to England.

As a child, Rafal was interested in art but eventually lost his passion for it when he didn’t have people around supporting him.  Later in life, Rafal found himself wanting to get back into art but found that life just kept getting in the way.

After having some personal issues, Rafal Dobosz moved to England to join his 2 daughters who have lived here for the last 12 years and his love for art fully resurfaced.

Finding himself with more free time, Rafal started to experiment a lot with his art.  Rafal is fully self-taught and uses his own techniques.  He has always used acrylics as he loves the vibrancy of the colours.  All of his art is intuitive as it is a window into his soul. He says that “I often find the colours reflect the mood I am in.”


Denise Collinge-Connor

Formerly from Kirkby, Liverpool. 

I began painting in 2006 using cosmetics and strips of wallpaper, 

having nothing else to use at that time.

Since then, I have tried various mediums though pastels are my favourite.

I have no formal training but have attended classes

with renowned artists in North Wales.

I commission portraits of animals from good quality photographs.

Abstract / Pop Art / Landscapes

Simon Kilgallon

Born in Liverpool, raised on the Wirral, I have always been able to draw and paint since early childhood. I went to Art College for a few years when I left school and then decided to go to University to study Sound Production and Photography instead. It’s only recently that I have ventured into acrylic painting and have developed a style extremely quickly and to my surprise, quite popular.

My paintings are obviously abstract, but with a slight sense of realism. I also enjoy painting Pop Art.

Colour is very important in my art and achieving the right balance of colour on the canvas is paramount, as I like to draw the observer into my paintings, as well as appearing to move out, off the canvas towards the person viewing.

I absolutely love painting and I find it very therapeutic and rewarding and can easily get lost for hours / days / weeks while I’m painting ethereal acrylic landscapes and other similar subjects.


Anthony Barrington

Anthony Barrington’s art is inspired by a lifetime of travels during his work with the Royal Signals and long career in the mineral and oil exploration and inspection of welding on gas pipes. His work has taken him across the globe from West, East and South Africa to Australia, New Zealand, North and South America and Asia, and having found art in later life Anthony hope’s to revisit his adventures through the canvas.


Pat Barclay

I was born in Bebington and now live in West Kirby. I first started painting when my three children were small interpreting old masters in oils. My inspiration then came from gallery visits in Spain particularly being blown away by Dali and Miro. Although initially self taught once retired I attended Wirral Met College Fine Art Degree course - unfortunately not completing.  However I have continued  painting and challenge myself by working in a variety of styles using acrylics oils and charcoal.  Many friends and family members being recipients.  Since  moving to West Kirby the explosion of colour in Spring and the ever changing light continues to

 stimulate my imagination.

Pop Art

Nick Beedles

Nick Beedles is a Wirral artist, fascinated with pop art, music, fashion, and modern life.  As an artist, he likes to construct with different mediums, fashioning post modern creations out of photography and paint.  There is a deliberate tension between areas of abstraction and finer detail, coupled with poetry and song lyrics, giving the image a vulnerability, and enforcing the fragility of modern life.

The world he creates through painting reflects his own life and the people he surrounds himself with. He draws inspiration from many sources and subcultures.

The relationship between the viewer and the image is often charged with a tense, dark energy, suggesting a mystery, or a withheld secret.

The paintings ‘She sold storms and sorrow’ and ‘Dark between the stars’ are both feminist pieces using words from Neil Gaimen and the masked instagram poet Atticus Poetry.  The painting ‘Movement’ on the other hand is a painting about social movement and society, with words from Aldous Huxley and using photographs taken by the artist at the 2006 BBoy World Championship in New York.

Ink & Watercolour

Brian Thompstone

Brian is a software developer and keen photographer, who has spent too much of his life looking at screens and through lenses. After moving to the Wirral, and discovering local art groups and Urban Sketching, he has turned his attention to pens, pencils, and brushes - with no formal training - just trying to find a new way to look at the world.

Real places

Jo Vickers

Not being a tidy person by nature, I enjoy the neatness and precision I can create through art.

My work is bold, playful and accessible. I paint real places, but with no geographic accuracy. Instead, buildings are stacked and crammed onto the canvas. This messiness is balanced with precise lines; smooth, blended brushstrokes and carefully chosen colour schemes. 

Originally from Southport, I now live with my family in Oxton, where I work from my home studio.

Mixed Media

David Frodsham

Born in 1971 in Merseyside, Art gripped me from an early age, my visual imagination always seemed in overdrive and I would sketch constantly, a pencil and ink pen never far away.

Then my love for the outdoors led me to painters like Turner and Constable and took me in new directions, landscapes became a passion along with fine art.

At college and university I opened the door to abstract compositions and different ways of seeing things, I grew as an artist that decided i enjoy doing everything art, I wouldn't have boundaries.

Now I paint with one eye on a subject and the other turned inside to look at who I am and what I feel, I'm always fascinated with what these two points of view create.

Ink & wash / Photography

The Spider Project

Spider Project has been on the Wirral since 2007. We are a creative arts and wellbeing recovery community project.

We offer a wide range of Creative Arts courses, Holistic Therapies and Physical Exercise sessions. Many of the courses we provide are accredited and you can gain valuable qualifications through our Open Awards programmes. Getting involved at Spider helps you build self-belief, increase confidence and make new friends. All of this strengthens your on going recovery and keeps you strong for what life throws your way.

We actively encourage anyone to get involved with our Volunteering Programme. Many of our volunteers are former members and form an integral part of the Spider community. Further info on volunteering can be found on this site.

Spider Project helps get you ready for the world of work, training and/or college. Many of our members have gone on to gain full time employment or moved on to access further and higher education.

The project is built on Community, Trust, Honesty and Respect!

We believe everybody has a place within our community and everyone is an ASSET!


George Evans

I'm a Wirral, Merseyside based photographer producing photography which is pictorial in style with a subject matter ranging from landscapes, architecture, people and flowers to digital infrared.

I bought my first camera in the digital age of 2004, a Sony F717 bridge camera, and this introduced me to the World of infrared photography. I've been hooked on this fine art medium ever since and shoot in wavelengths of invisible light from 590nm "Super colour" infrared through to 720nm standard infrared and 830nm pure infrared. These give me a wide range of options from false colour to monochrome images.

From the Sony F717 bridge camera I progressed to a Minolta 5D DSLR and then to Sony cameras. My main cameras are the mirrorless Sony A6400 for colour and A6000 camera which have been permanently converted to infrared.

Being self-taught in photography taking it up in my mid 50's, I joined Hoylake Photographic Society and I quickly learnt the art of photography from visiting professionals to the club giving their presentations and talks.

Etched Collagraphs

Amy Cain

Amy was born on the Isle of Man and brought up listening to bedtime stories of Celtic legend and fairy tale. She grew up running through magical glens, climbing castles and crunching through echoing beach caves which fuelled her blossoming imagination. Amy now has her own studio workshop in West Kirby on the Wirral (near the sea of course). Where she lets her creativity, emotions and imagination spill out into her art.

Flat Acrylic Perspectives

David Venables

I make pictures because I am. 

I look at pictures because they are a direct communication between the maker and the viewer despite any distance of time and space or barriers of language  or culture.

I have a place in the continuum of "Art", wether or not I am remembered is irrelevant.

I can only make my pictures with my skills and my vision, to show them and hope that they find homes in other peoples hearts even if only temporarily.

Inspirational Quotes;

“Photography is an immediate reaction, drawing is a meditation.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson

"Photographs aren't accounts of scrutiny. The shutter is open for a fraction of a second." David Hockney

“Color is my daylong obsession, joy, and torment.”  Claude Monet

Photography isn't about seeing, it's about feeling. If I don't have some kind of feeling for what I'm shooting, 

how can I expect the person who looks at it to feel anything? - Don McCullin

“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt.”  Leonardo da Vinci

Finally an answer to a popular question - how do you know when a painting is finished?

"A painting is never finished only abandoned" - Leonardo da Vinci 

Oil on Board

Simon Miller

Born in 1957, I have spent most of my life working and living on Merseyside. In 2014, after being made redundant, I took the decision to return to college to pursue my interest in art. In 2018 I graduated from the University of Chester with a BA in Fine Art.

Using amateur snapshots as the basis of my paintings, I explore the affinity between the photographic image and memory. In the process of translating photograph to painting, the images I develop become elusive, vague and evocative of the fleeting haze of memory.

I am currently Fine Art Fellow at Wirral Met College.


Kevin Adams

I love to combine my interest in art with my love of the countryside and nature. We are so lucky having the Dee Estuary and Wirral Country Park on our doorstep I can't help painting the ever changing views we have here.


I produce a wide variety of images including ones from various parts of the country and abroad and I also paint portraits and figures.


I use all media though I find oils most satisfying.


I hope that other people enjoy looking at my work as much as I enjoy producing it.


Mo Hawthorn

I am a visual artist living in Wirral and the founder of Hawthorn Art Commissions.

I create personal, bespoke and timeless works of art at affordable prices for clients. I am a versatile artist and able to apply my art to multiple disciplines and challenges. I am able to undertake a wide variety of commissions as I work in a range of mediums, including watercolours, acrylics, oils, as well as charcoal and pencil drawing. I specialise in Pet portraiture and scenic views and skylines of Wirral.

Oils / Acrylics

Janet Ewing

I am an artist from Thingwall, Wirral. I have always been creative from an early age - I was always sketching and have taken various art courses over the years. Having a passion for painting, I love the process of creating an idea in my mind and seeing it develop into a painting using a variety of colours and textures. I use oils but also enjoy using acrylics as they are more immediate.

I have exhibited at several venues, most recently at the Williamson Open last year and have just taken part in the Wirral Open Studio tour. I am also exhibiting with the Wirral Rotary Club taking part in their art exhibition at the Floral Pavillion from 11th August 2019. I am part of the Wellington Art Studios in Oxton and take commissions.


John Jones

My work consists mostly of oil paintings and pencil/charcoal drawings. Occasionally I will dabble in other mediums, before retreating defeated and bloodied back in to the safety of oil and pencil.

Whilst my pictures tend towards the realism side of the behemoth that is the art world, I do not consider it photographic, nor do I aim for that. I like my work to look real, but also to look like artwork. 

Not always sticking to realism, I enjoy breaking the non-existent rules that the art world doesn’t have. I have been interested in art ever since I could pick up a pencil, or a crayon, and of course it was my favourite topic in school.

I am self-taught, and have had work in various exhibitions and undertaken commissions. I am not choosy in the type of picture I portray. People, buildings, landscapes and am interested in depicting it all. The universe, and all it contains, and everything within an infinity of imaginations.

I am a member of 'The Liver sketching club', and 'Merseyside artists association'.


Helen Doherty

I am an amateur artist from Wallasey. I took up art when I retired and love it. I mainly paint portraits, seascapes, mountains and waterfalls.

I work in most mediums but mainly in acrylics for convenience.

All my work is original as I don’t do prints.

I hope you enjoy!

TAG Under 18s

Nathan Haberla

I am from Birkenhead and attend Everton Free School and Football College. I mainly enjoy painting famous people.

Intricate Watercolours

Angela Argent

l work mainly in watercolour and am known locally for my paintings of Wirral and Merseyside, from Liverpool's Waterfront to Hilbre Island, Mersey shipping and continental scenes.


Cristina Pascu-Tulbure

I am fascinated by light in its many hypostases, as both physical and emotional perception. There is hardly a better medium than photography to explore it – so I embraced photography as a hobby a few good years ago, in all its elusiveness, ability to both satisfy and frustrate, make impossible demands on one’s family, friends and finances, and tease with the illusion that we may at some point capture and fix on paper fleeting moments, fragments of time, sights, visions and revisions. I have taught English literature for the best part of my life, written on nineteenth century visual culture, I run my own tutoring business and am a member of Birkenhead Photographic Association.

Watercolour £ Mixed Media

Raymond Woodward

Raymond Woodward M.S.A.I. (Member of the Society of Architectural Illustrators) is an amateur artist based in Merseyside specialising in watercolour painting, model making, landscape, interior design and detailed architectural drawings.

Having worked extensively in the Middle East on palaces and hotels for prestigious clients and major architectural practices, he has exhibited works locally at periodic exhibitions.